Jatta Borg


Want to work on your flexibility?

I teach flexibility and contortion classes which are open for everyone and for all levels, whether you're circus artist or a dancer aiming to get deeper and stronger with your flexibility, a professional contortionist wanting to work on your technique or need help in your training, or nothing above and you just simply want to get more flexible. You don't need to have any previous experience in flexibility training, we'll go through all the important aspects of warm up, training and conditioning together!

I can teach in English, French or Finnish.

Back flexibility

We go through exercises for shoulders, upper back, lower back and hips to find a balanced and safe back flexibility without pain. We'll work on active flexibility exercises, muscle activation and condition training.  All the students will have personally built classes and exercises depending of their level and goals. With advanced students we'll work on contortion tricks and there's a possibility to take contortion handstand classes.

Leg flexibility

We'll work on active and passive stretches to work on straddle, middle splits and front splits. We'll go through exercises to find the right muscle activation that helps the student to get deeper in the movements. We will also do conditioning training to get not only flexible but also strong legs!

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45 min: Back or leg flexibility. 30 euros.

1h15min: Full body flexibility. 45 euros.

Possibility to add 15 minutes of guided warm up for both classes.  


Before the class the student is asked to fill in a form about previous training and goals, this will help me to prepare the class before hand to make it fit student's level. There's an option to take a single session or regular classes (2 to 4 times a month).

What you need: Resistance band, minimum two yoga blocks, place on the floor and on the walls, good internet connection and zoom.


Only available in Toulouse, France, at the moment with regular students. 

Open only for individual classes (outside of Covid-19 restrictions also classes for groups up to 8 participants.)


60min: Back or leg flexibility with warm up. 35 euros. 

1h30min: Full body flexibility with warm up. 50 euros.

Contact me for group prices.

Classes will be held in a circus training hall or in students home with Covid-19 restriction measures.


Workshops are not available during Covid-19 restriction times.

These workshops are suitable for everyone with some previous flexibility training, f.ex. dancers, circus artist, athletes, gymnast... All levels are welcome, but the participants will get the most out of the workshop if they're able to push up to a bridge.

3 to 5 days workshops for a group of 5 to 10 participants, 2 hours per day. The workshop includes warm up, leg and back flexibility training, conditioning training and cool down. Depending of the participants' levels we'll also train contortion tricks as chest stand, forearmstand and handstand.