Blue night

Handstand - contortion act
Duration 7min + 3min
All audience

"-- The Finnish contortionist Jatta Borg adds a great deal of self-irony and madness to her artistic handstand and contortion skills. She keeps singing in an incomprehensible (Finnish?) language, while doing pumps upside down. She carries away with her own breathless version of "I will survive" as she celebrates her contortion movements.--"

                                                                                         Süddeutche Zeitung

"-- The top musical act comes from the artist Jatta Borg. Her discipline is contortion, in which the body, including all the limbs, is so twisted that breathing is almost impossible. And when the Finn sings "I will survive" in her native language, it becomes literally a breathtaking madness.--"

                                                                 Abendzeitung Münich

"-- She bends like a rubber doll, sings in Finnish "I will survive" and crawls backwards and forwards, a cool and funny mix.--"

                                   Alles Münster

Blue night is a two part act that combines humor, song, absurdity and glamour with high level circus technique. It's a story about a fancy but awkward "femme fatale", who in 10 minutes brings you in to her mysterious universe through an impressive and funny handstand act with a bluesy atmosphere which continues to an explosive contortion act combined with twisted live singing in Finnish.

The first part is 7 minutes and the second part is 3 minutes long, both parts can be played separately as individuals acts or as one 11 minutes long act.


© 2020 Jatta Borg