Jatta is Finnish circus artist specialized in handbalancing, contortion and roller skating, currently based in Toulouse, France.

                                                                     She began her circus journey in 1997 when she started taking classes in a tiny traditional youth circus called Bravuuri in her native town Kuusankoski.
                                                                     She spent there 13 years training, performing and giving classes, learning the basics of most of the circus disciplines.

                                                                     In 2010 Jatta got accepted to the second year of circus education in AFUK in Copenhagen, where she studied  during two years with handstand and
                                                                    contortion as her main disciplines. In 2012 she continued her studies in
Le Lido - Centre des arts du Cirque de Toulouse,where she started to explore how
                                                                     to combine 
theater, song, humor and absurdity with handstand and contortion. 

She graduated in 2015 with her solo act Blue night and has been touring in Europe with her act ever since. She has also worked in several compagnies as
Circo Aereo, Naga Collective, Les Nouveaux nez & cie, Cie Yoann Bourgeois, GOP Varieté Theatre..

In 2018 Jatta created her own company  Cie Biscornue, and in 2019 she premiered with L'hiver en juillet (Winter in July), a 40 minutes long solo show.

Currently she's touring with L'hiver en juillet, working with Collectif d'équilibristes on their new creation Le Complexe de l'Autruche (premier 2021) and
working with Cie Mesdemoiselles on their new creation which will premier in 2023. She is also giving contortion classes and workshops.


- Scala by Yoann Bourgeois, France 2019.

- Corpus Mentalus  with Les Nouveaux nez & cie,

- Le grand jour, 30 minutes long site specific solo
  performance, co-produced by le Département de Seine
  -et-Marne for the festival FETNAT 2018. 
- Blue night  solo act  touring in Europe since 2015. 

- Founder of Cie Biscornue, director and artist of
Winter in July
, creation 2019.

- Artist at Collectif d'équilibristes, Le Complexe de l'Autruche, creation 2021. 

Co-founder of Naga Collective, co-director and
   artist of
Persona, creation 2018 Belgium.

Abracadabra  with Circo Aereo, Finland 2016-2017.

- Humorzone  with GOP Variéte Theatre, 2016-2020.

- Winter circus Dream with Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth,   
   Finland 2014.

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